An Ecosystem.
A real one.

Samecoin and its family of stablecoins are built with digital payments in mind, with fiat-like values, stable value and low fees, bringing together the benefits of cryptocurrency and fiat.

Revolutions rise when we see problems that cannot be solved with the systems currently in place. With the Samecoin Ecosystem, we’re building products that bring the benefits of blockchain technology in the payments and authentication space.

We can put crypto in the hands of consumers and business owners in a way that’s more accessible and easy to use.


Samecoin’s family of stablecoins are focused at giving the everyday user the perfect cryptocurrency for their everyday digital payment needs, just like Satoshi’s vision in the original Bitcoin whitepaper.


Samecoin incorporates the benefits of decentralisation by developing an economy that can be self regulated and not controlled by the chosen few.


The Samecoin ecosystem is focused on providing the most intuitive and accessible payment infrastructure, thanks to reliable stablecoins and crypto payment products.


The reserve of the Samecoin stablecoins can be verified by anyone, making them a truly trustless, decentralised form of money.

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