Samecoin Protocol v2.0 Coming

Samecoin Protocol is a policy-controlled currency system, with a community-driven decentralized reserve and financial infrastructure for the DeFi 2.0 world.

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Users can Mint their own SameUSD by depositing an equal amount of stablecoins to the reserve. Own the most risk-diversified stablecoin.


Bond your liquidity and stablecoins to get discounts on SAME.


Stake SAME to earn auto-compounding interest exponentially.

Staking Rewards

Through a treasury backed currency with intrinsic value, compounds begin to yield automatically.

Participate in the governance process, by proposing changes by other community members, joining discussions in the Discord and users vote for changes to the Protocol.

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How does SamecoinProtocol v2 work?
Bond Sales

Users buy bonds to get discounted SAME from the Protocol, which results in the growth of protocol-owned liquidity, AKA, the protocol treasury.

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Treasury Revenue

Protocol treasury gets revenue (income) through the Bond sales and LP fees, resulting in locked-in liquidity which helps control SAME’s circulating supply.

Treasury Growth

The Samecoin treasury inflow can be used to increase the Treasury Balance and back outstanding SAME, as well as to regulate staking APY.

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Sustainably Staking APY
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Samecoin Staking APY

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The primary value accrual strategy of Samecoin Protocol is staking.

Staking is a long-term strategy, as well as being passive.

Samecoin has been specifically designed with long-term protocol health and longevity at the forefront. All SAME tokens minted for staking rewards are backed with a reserve from the Treasury.

SAME rewards stakers with compounding interest to increase their SAME holdings over a period of time.
The fewer SAME staked, the higher the APY received.

SAME can be minted and distributed evenly to gain staking rewards. More Samecoin being staked reduces the APY, however, it pushes the SAME price higher which creates a balance that protects your investment.

Samecoin owns LP & Guarantees A Stop to Renting for its Users

We trust and believe that the Samecoin Protocol can and will be used to optimize for stability, as well as consistency, enabling SAME to operate as a global unit-of-account and medium-of-exchange currency. In the short term, we plan to optimize the system in order to grow our solution and create wealth.

We have every intention of achieving price flatness for a representative basket of stablecoins without the use of fiat currency.

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