Mint, stake and redeem Samecoin and SameUSD to earn rewards and grow the Samecoin economy.


Mint SameUSD by depositing stablecoins to the reserve basket and earn extra Samecoin as a reward.


Save SameUSD to earn a high yield returns with very low risk.


Stake Samecoin-SameUSD LP to grow liquidity of the ecosystem and earn the highest Samecoin rewards.


Earn high yield rewards by participating in the governance process, by joining discussions in the discord or vote for changes and new developments.

Mint fully transparent stablecoins

The Samecoin Protocol is built into the Samecoin Dapp, allowing you to mint your own SameUSD, the first fully transparent stablecoins.

Simply deposit some USDT, USDC or BUSD and withdraw the equal amount in SameUSD as well as some extra Samecoin as a reward.

Govern the Samecoin Protocol

Coming later in 2021, a DAO system will fully decentralise Samecoin, giving the community the ability to govern the protocol.

Help improve it and bring it to more people around the world by proposing changes and discussing proposals.

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