Decentralised identity technology, providing a second layer of security and connectivity for crypto payments and login authentication


Full ownership of your account, your data and your access.


Use SameID to login on all Samecoin products and third-party products that support Samecoin, like online stores and DApps.


Your SameID is tied to your SamePay wallet, giving you access to your crypto for payments wherever you login with SameID


Logins with SameID are authenticated on the blockchain, adding an essential layer of security to your crypto and accounts.

An account with more security

Login with SameID on any site that supports it, giving you protection to your personal data while also adding an extra security layer to your logins.

Access your crypto wallets anywhere

When logging in with SameID you also get full access to your SamePay wallets, allowing secure, fast crypto payments on an ever-growing list of SameID-enabled sites and digital stores.

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